Where will the massage take place?
The massage will take place at my professional and spacious studio in St. Johns. The studio is in a historic building, on the second floor. There is no elevator, just stairs. I make sure to let new clients know, just in case the client has limited mobility. The studio space is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The massage table is heated during the winter months, making a bodywork session extra relaxing.

Do I need to get completely undressed?
You are welcome to leave as little or as much on as you like. Massage can be done while fully clothed. However, there are some strokes, like effleurage, that are best done on bare skin. You'll be under a sheet and a blanket on the table, and only the body part that I'm working on will be uncovered. Massage therapists see all sorts of different bodies, so you can rest assured that your therapist sees your body in an anatomical way and is in no way judgemental of how your body looks. Massage at Revive Bodywork is professional and strictly therapeutic.

Will you leave the room while I undress?
Definitely. After we discuss the areas you would like to have addressed, I'll show you where to put your things and how to get onto the table (face up, face down, etc.). I'll leave the room to wash my hands and give you time to get settled, then a few minutes later, I'll knock so that you know I'm coming into the room. Similarly, when the session ends, I'll leave the room and close the door behind me so that you have the privacy you need to get dressed.

Do you talk a lot during the massage?
No way! Your massage session is your time. I will check in with you to be sure that everything feels comfortable, but aside from that, I do not make small talk during the session. I try to gather information about your pain and/or tension before the session, so that once I start working, I can go by feel, rather than to keep asking you questions. After the massage has ended, I will generally give you recommendations for self-care, like stretching techniques, to help you decrease pain and tension.

Is it okay for me to talk or ask questions during the massage?
Absolutely. Many people prefer to remain quiet and sort of "bliss out" during their massage, but if you like to chat, that's totally fine. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Also, if you have any questions about what I'm doing or if you would like for me to do more or less of something, please let me know. My goal is to make sure that you are getting the most benefit from your session, so if you have feedback or questions during the session, I highly encourage you to keep that line of communication open.

Do your clients ever fall asleep?
Yep. It feels wonderful to fall asleep during a massage. Whether you're awake or asleep, you still get all of the benefits of massage. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, it is just a sign that your body is responding well to the bodywork. Your nervous system is letting go of its fight or flight mode and allowing relaxation to take over. Other things that might happen: stomach noises, snoring, slight drooling. All of these are perfectly normal reactions to deep relaxation. And I sort of take it as a compliment that I'm doing my job right by helping you to move into a deep state of relaxation.

Will the massage hurt? What will it feel like?
There are many types of massage and they can all feel very different. The type of massage that I practice is nurturing, soothing, relaxing, and pain relieving. Sometimes an area that is causing you pain will be very sensitive, and when we're working those things out, there may be a little pain. It might be slightly unpleasant for a moment, but overall will feel like a therapeutic pain; like "ouch, this hurts a little, but I can tell it will make this spot feel better." If something hurts in an intolerable way, I am usually able to adjust my pressure based on how your body is responding. However, please do speak up if my technique needs to be adjusted in certain areas of your body.

Why did you suggest that I drink water after the session?
Massage increases circulation in the body. Along with increased circulation, there is an increase in cellular wastes being moved out of your muscles and into your lymph system and bloodstream. When you are properly hydrated, your body can flush these wastes out of your system more easily than if you are dehydrated. When your body doesn't have enough water to run smoothly, it can translate into achey muscles post-massage. Drink water, it's good for your body!

How often should I get a massage?
This is up to you. It really depends on what you feel is needed to facilitate your healing. When recovering from an injury or addressing postural issues, it may be beneficial for you to receive bodywork once a week for a few weeks, then taper to once a month, for example. Some clients feel their best when they receive massage twice a month. Others like to have massage once a month, just to keep everything in balance and to keep little aches and pains from turning into big aches and pains. I am happy to make recommendations for a treatment schedule that will help you achieve your goals. Massage has cumulative effects on health, so it is kind of like exercise in that doing it once in a while is better than nothing, but doing it regularly really helps the body maintain the balance it craves.

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