re: swedish

Swedish massage is what most people think of as a “regular massage.” The therapist uses lotion or oil to provide glide with traction on the skin, relieving muscle tension through various types of strokes, compression and vibration.

re: myofascial

This type of massage focuses on the connective tissues of the body. Connective tissue surrounds every muscle fiber, muscle group and organ in our bodies, so when it is restricted it can adversely affect movement, posture, and function.

re: deep tissue

Deep tissue is similar to Swedish massage, although uses little to no oil. This allows the therapist to work deeper and more specifically on muscle groups. It is advised that the client chooses one or two focus areas, rather than a full body massage.

re: pregnancy/prenatal

Treat your ever changing body to a relaxing and therapeutic prenatal massage! Benefits include relief from joint stress, relaxation, emotional and physical support, relief from neck, back and leg pain. You’ll be supported with pillows during a side-lying massage.

Not sure what type of massage is best for you today? Try a blend of all of the modalities listed, as well as a little trigger point and Thai massage. This is a great way to try it all and it feels fantastic!

rates for bodywork sessions

60 min : $75

90 min : $95

Add hot stones to your session : $12 (need to arrange in advance)

Gift certificates available- pay by phone & receive in mail.

We accept personal check, cash, debit and credit cards for payment at time of service.

The prices listed on this website and printed materials reflect a time of service cash discount. Please note that insurance claims will be billed at the normal, undiscounted rate due to a higher level of therapist training and administrative time.

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